The last time Kia presented us with a new Sorento was in the winter of 2015-2016. For the occasion, we had discovered a frankly interesting and modern vehicle. In fact, this generation has had such a great career, so much so that the Sorento is the best-selling vehicle of the Kia family in the country.


This winter, five years later, a new generation is being offered to us and once again, the progression seems interesting. In fact, it's even deeper when everything is new. Let's see where they've evolved the most.


The structure


When a new model is redesigned, it sometimes retains its structure. This is not the case here. The Sorento therefore inherits a new platform, the N3, which will be called upon to serve several of the company's models over the next few years. What you need to know about it is that it's lighter and stiffer than the one it replaced, which can only translate into a more interesting driving experience. It will also offer a 35-mm longer wheelbase. Occupants will benefit by gaining 14 mm in the second row and 93 mm in the third row.


New powertrains


Other big changes under the hood as two new engines are introduced. The first is a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine offering 191 horsepower and 182 lb-ft of torque. It replaces the 2.4-litre 4-cylinder unit. Then, a new 2.5-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine offering 281 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque will take over from the old 3.3-litre V6. An eight-speed automatic transmission will be at the service of both engines.


What's interesting is that in both cases, there are significant fuel economy gains; 4.9 percent for the first engine and 10.5 percent for the second. The average ratings announced are 9.7 and 9.9 liters per 100 kilometers, in that order.


X-Line version


Fans of off-road driving and sportier styling will certainly be interested in the new X-Line variant. It will have a more rugged and adventurous look, including distinct styling elements, but also a higher ground clearance. Inside, it will also feature captain seats in the second row.


This variant will be the first in the range to receive the turbo engine. In fact, the trims will read as follows: LX+, LX Premium, X-Line, EX, EX+ and SX.


Hybrid versions


Finally, what will shake up the range in 2021 will be the arrival of two hybrid versions. One will be of the conventional type, but the other will be a rechargeable hybrid. Both will offer all-wheel drive, which promises to be very interesting.


All this with a rethought and modernized exterior style, an interior offering more refinement and technology than ever before, as well as unprecedented quality.


Truly, the 2021 Sorento is just waiting to be discovered.